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Consumer attitudes have changed post 2008 - consumers have heard stories of friends losing their homes. Fintechs offer speed and better UX and alternate products like cash our refi or personal loans. The bank wants to phase out certain products.


My Role

Lead designer through end to end process: discovery, user research, design sprints, development sprints, support through launch. Hire and train new designers in different products teams in design thinking and design tools.


The shopping experience redesign included many components.

Easier Rate Scanning

16 combinations or more of rates and payments by using a simple slider. Customer freindly labels reduce the burden on call centers.

Examples of Usage

Through examples of how previous customers have used their line of credit, potential customers can learn and better understand their product.

Clearer diffrentiation

We made it easier for customers to understand why this product stands out from the others.


Design thinking, Persona, Empathy Maps, Affinity digramming, Virtual collaboration, team dynamics.

Iterating the why

how can we diffrentiate our product?

Iterating the how

Educating customers with examples

Iterating the Banner

New Design

A work in Progress  (Legacy)