t Rahul Deo

Banking Products


  • Role UX Researcher
  • Location PNC Bank, Pittsburgh, PA
  • Skills Design Sprints, Agile, Contextual Inquiry, Interviews
  • Year 2018 - now


I am currently working in Pittsburgh at PNC Bank. I have contributed to products like home lending, home equity, home improvement calculator and application tracker.

Invision Prototypes
HELOC Apply Desktop
HELOC Apply Mobile
Home Improvement Calculator Mobile
Home Improvement Calculator Desktop

Discovery Process

We followed IBM Design Sprint Process. IBM helped us in discovery and design sprints while the development sprints are being done by my team at Virtusa. The Discovery phase was done by 3 multidisciplinary groups - shop, apply and track. The design sprints were weekly with me as the only designer to help 3 three teams.

Fast and Intense Design Sprints over 3 to 4 months.

Discovery followed by delivery

Our team had to focus on this persona provided by marketing.

Justin's empathy map

Justin's current journey

Imapct Matrix - Shop Team

Imapct Matrix - Apply Team

Imapct Matrix - Track Team

Big Ideas

Future State Map

MVP & so on

Design Sprints

Iterative low-fi design

Iterative low-fi design

Measuring Success

Development Sprints

Desktop Application. Invision prototype

Mobile Application. Invision prototype

Home Improvement Calculator. Invision prototype

Illustrations for home improvement.

Application Tracking

Style Guide on Invision Design System Manager

Annotations: Vertical Rhythm

Annotations: Interaction of stepper

100% WCAG AA 2.1 Accessibility Compliance through AXE plugin & Deque


  • This has been my most comprehensive project. I was able to communicate the value of design in a tangible way.
  • Persuading peers especially a multidisciplinary group to trust the process is the key to success.
  • Each team member brings their unique perspective and expertise to the team, widening the range of possible outcomes. If you want a breakthrough idea, you’re more likely to get it with a diverse team.
  • Consensus is not the only way to move forward. Conflict of ideas is as important to new systhesis. I think Karl Marx would say conflict is more important.