Fintech Projects

  • Role UX Designer (paid)
  • Company Fiserv (full time) & AON Affinity Insurance(freelance)
  • Location New Delhi, India
  • Skills Literature Review, Wireframing, Client Presentation
  • Year 2011-2015


I worked as full time Interaction Designer at Fiserv Inc. between 2011 and 2013 when companies were beginning to realise the changing landscape of fintech. I was involved in
1. Crafting new mobile and tablet-pc solutions in the UX Innovation group.
2. Educating peers as well as management about data visualization principles in fintech.
3. Collaborating cross functionally with global teams.

I worked as a freelance UX Designer for AON Affinity Insurance between 2013 and 2015. I was involved in redesigning:
1. Insurance web portals
2. Straight Through Processinng forms


One of the drawbacks of working in an offshore IT industry was rarely having access to target users. One could find users for usability tests to uncover usability issues but actual users were remote and in a different infrastructural setup.

Process usually included:

Secondary Research
Literature Review Rounds
Competition Benchmarking
Wireframing Lo & Hi Fidelity
Client Presentation
Design Documentation

Product 1: Fiserv Card Valet

CardValet® from Fiserv is a debit card management and fraud mitigation tool that enables cardholders to control when, where and how their debit cards are used.


CardValet can report or restrict PIN and signature transactions performed by debit cards, enabling cardholders to manage, track and report specific types of transactions and quickly detect unauthorized activity. Cardholders can customize their experiences by choosing from a variety of options.


Ryan is a suave, smartly dressed businessman in his 40s. Ryan works for the Career Transitions Corporation (CTC). He makes his living traveling to workplaces around the United States and informing workers of their dismissals in place of their employers, who fear doing it themselves. Ryan also delivers motivational speeches, to extol the virtues of a life free of burdens like relationships with people as well as things, arguing that the best way to live is to travel light, with little to hold you down. Ryan is a frequent traveler. Vacationing for Ryan is spending an entire weekend in your own home. He’s seen more movies at 35,000 feet than on the ground. “Telecommuting" and "virtual office" have very real meaning for him.


No! This cant be happening to me,” Ryan sighs is utter disbelief. Its 11:00 PM and Ryan’s flight had just landed at Heathrow 20 minutes back. He has come to London to meet a prospective client. But now standing at the taxi stand, he’s really worried because he’s just realized that he can’t find his wallet to pay for his prepaid taxi! His wallet contained practically everything from his money and cards to his passport and licenses.

The first thing that came to his mind was to secure his multiple credit cards. But how? He didn’t know the number he must dial to get the cards blocked. It meant he would have to first look for the number on his phone using the airport WI-FI. To worsen his situation, he hardly knew the card details required to get the cards blocked via IVRS. It seemed this was a total disaster.

Frantically searching his pockets, it suddenly dawns on him that there might just be a ray of hope… A few months back Ryan had downloaded an app called Fiserv Card Valet that he’s learnt about on his bank website. The app could block a credit card if such a need arose. He reaches for his mobile phone and even before logging in sees that Fiserv had some notifications for him. After logging in, he instantly sees his virtual card holder that gives him an overview of what cards he’s lost.

Ryan decides to check the new Alerts. The last transaction of $80.35 took place at a Wal-Mart in New York. But Ryan never got off the JFK! He just had a connecting flight from New York. Pretty sure that someone had misused his card he decides its time to minimize his losses. He selects the cards he needs to and blocks them immediately. What a relief! But he chooses not to block the NFC services of his card since he still has his phone.

Ryan manages to block his cards and that does reduce his troubles. However, he remembers, there was this new credit card he’d recently got and had not added to Card Valet. He can hardly remember the card details. He didn’t have time to add all the card details but if only he had saved a picture of the card in Card Valet. So, he decides to call up a nearby branch to inform them. He selects the bank from a list provided by Card Valet and searches for it. Card Valet takes him to Google Maps that highlights the nearby branches and he’s able to get the relevant phone numbers and make the call.

Now that his cards are secure, Ryan must salvage this trip. He makes a list of things to do in his head. Obviously, he needs some instant cash and for that he needs to locate a nearby ATM that supports cardless mobile money or NFC based transactions. He needs to inform the US Consulate about his lost passport. What about the licenses? He feels the need to inform the airport authorities and a nearby police station just in case someone finds and returns his wallet. Can he find some friends who happen to be in London and could help him out. This whole situation is a first and he wishes he had some instructions to deals with this kind of situation.

Meanwhile Michael, Ryan’s son receives an SMS from FISERV that Ryan had blocked his cards. Sensing trouble he calls Ryan. He is relieved when he learns Ryan, who was at the time at the ATM that offered NFC transactions, had withdrawn enough cash and was heading to The Savoy. He is relieved when he learns Ryan, who was at the time at the ATM that offered NFC transactions, had withdrawn enough cash and was heading to The Savoy.

Key Issues


Presentation Slides

Click here to view presentation to management and backend team. Link will be active only on request due to NDA.

Product 2: Fiserv Tablet App for Tellers

My work contributed in some amount to a popular fiserv product called Mobiliti™. Mobiliti™ from Fiserv powers world-class mobile banking and payment experiences for banks and credit unions.

Product 3: AON Affinity Insurance

Based on heuritics (n/n group), eye tracking studies ( and Luke Wroblewski's book on Form Design, I redesigned the insurance webportals and straight-through processing forms for AON Affinity Insurance.

Project 4: Cross Cultural Study

Our team needed to win contracts from Indonesian Banks. For this, I studied cross cultural differences that impact design. Below are some slides I made for the practice head's visit.